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Saturday, 10 June 2017

15 Cancer Signs Women Often Overlook!

You don’t need to be a scientist or a doctor to know that one of the most common death reasons today is cancer. That is an awful pledge of the 20th and 21st century, even more. And no one can tell why this difficult disease is attacking so much, the whole world. Fortunately, the more the medicine learns, the more aware of the disease people are, and are trying to fight it the best they can. But, it is very important not to forget that only early diagnostic is a good diagnostic.

15 Cancer Signs Women Often Overlook!

Today we are going to dedicate this article to the women and their awareness about this issue. As much as the United States are concerned, it is estimated that last year, there were about 1.690.000 new diagnosed people with some type of cancer, out of which one-third ended with death. Leukemia, bronchus cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer are the most common reasons for death.

As much as women are concerned, skin, breast, ovarian, colon cancers are the most common. Maybe there are still things we can do to stop the fatal phase of these diseases. And the earlier it is diagnosed the more chances you will have to live. And what are the most common early warning symptoms of cancer?

Big weight loss out of nowhere

Doctors say that unexplained weight loss doesn’t always mean we are talking about cancer, but, it is often caused by thyroid or stress, and possibly pancreatic cancer. This can be stomach or lung cancer, as well.



Visit your doctor right away since you will notice that you are tired all the time or you see blood in the stool.


A lot of conditions can cause pain, but if the pain lasts for a month and more than we might talk about bone or brain cancer.


Overeating, alcohol, and stress are guilty if you have heartburn. But if you have constant heartburn you should visit your doctor.


That is nevertheless one of the most overlooked symptoms on this issue. And plus, if you start coughing blood, then run to the doctor.

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