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Thursday, 1 June 2017

3 Reasons You Should Eat More Spicy Food

There are three main reasons why should we eat spicy food.


  1. Reduce your risk of tumors

Capsaicin, the spicy ingredient in the food, reduces the risk of tumor. There are researches made on mice that have proven this. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and it is also a strong antioxidant.

  1. Improve your sex life

It is proven that saffron and ginseng increase the sexual performance.

  1. Help with weight loss

Spicy foods make you feel full and in this way you will lose your weight easier. The capsaicin has heat potential and it boosts the metabolism, in this way it increases the burning of the fat.

Capsaicin as pain reliever

Capsaicin helps to alleviate the pain and this is the reason why it is used in pain-relieving creams.

Every spice has its own benefits


It boosts the metabolism and increases the energy. So it is great for weight loss.


It regulates the blood sugar and boosts the metabolism so it is great for people suffering from diabetes.

Black pepper

It has piperine, which is an ingredient that has the ability to block the formation of fat cells. If it is combined with capsaicin increases the burning of calories.


The mustard seeds boost your metabolism so you will burn the fat easily.


It has anti-inflammatory properties, improves the digestion and boosts the metabolism.


This is also a thermogenic herb that has the ability to boost the metabolism and lose weight.

When you shouldn’t eat spicy food

You shouldn’t eat spicy food at night because it might give you indigestion.

Source: articles.mercola.com

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