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Friday, 30 June 2017

6 Types Of Body Fat And How To Get Rid Of It

Obesity is a problem that many people face with and the reasons for it aren’t simple. They might be as a result of overeating, hormone changes, metabolic issues or not exercising. Therefore, some methods to lose your weight work for someone while for other they are just losing time.

Today we are going to show you how to lose your weight depending on the type of body fat you have

– Young healthy females – these are mainly women who have health problems such as type 2 diabetes.

– Heavy drinking male – they are similar to the previous group but they also consume a lot of alcohol.

– Anxious and unhappy middle-aged – mostly women who have poor mental health.

– Healthy and affluent elderly – elderly people with good health but with hypertension and higher intake of alcohol.

– Happy and physically sick elderly – elderly people with chronic diseases.

– Poorest health – economically deprived people with a lot of chronic diseases.

Android and Gynoid are the two types of body fat distribution. Android is what most men have that is fat in the waist while Gynoid mostly fat in the hips.

The 6 types of body fat

– Obesity of the upper part in the body (Android)

This is due to low exercise and a lot of food. Stop eating sweets and try exercising 30 minutes per day.

– Obesity centered in the stomach (Android)

This is mainly due to depression, anxiety, and stress. Try exercising and relaxing.

– Obesity in the lower body (Gynoid)

This problem is mainly women’s, try some cardiovascular and low-body exercises or consult a professional.

– Swollen stomach obesity (Android)

This is due to respiratory issues or too much alcohol intake. Try breathing exercises and reduce the alcohol.

– Obesity in the lower body and lower legs (Gynoid)

This problem have a lot of pregnant women. Their legs are swelling. And some water aerobics may help you with that and raise your feet when you have a chance.

– Protruding and large stomach and upper back fat (Android)

This is due to physical inactivity. Watch the levels of our blood sugar and exercise regularly. You should also eat regularly but small portions.

Source: naturalcarebox.com

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