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Monday, 26 June 2017

An exercise that burns more calories than jogging!


We all know that jogging burns a lot of calories but not all of us want it. Many people have problems in the joints, knees and feet. Luckily today we are going to present you an exercise for which you need only 10 minutes per day and it burns more calories than jogging.

An exercise for the whole body

It will help you to tone the arms, shoulders, abs, legs, and back.

You will burn calories

In only 10 minutes you will burn the same number of calories as half an hour of jogging.

It will improve your coordination

This exercise will improve your reflexes, coordination, and balance.

It’s versatile

You will have the freedom to do it wherever you want.


  • You need quality and adequately long rope.
  • The best shoes are the ones without padding or you can jump barefoot.
  • Keep the elbows near the body and your body straight.
  • Spin the rope with the wrists.
  • Hold the handles with your fingers.
  • Don’t jump too high and land on the front of your feet.
  • Try more styles: double turn, crossover, single leg hop.

Watch the video and follow the instructions:

source: organichealthhouse.com

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