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Friday, 16 June 2017

Blackheads are past with this remedy

Instead of spending too much money on facial creams and acne removing cosmetics, today we are offering you a perfect recipe you can make it on your own against blackheads and facial hair. Blackheads are visible on our face, they don’t look nice on us and we need to remove them.

A simple and effective remedy.

You will only have to take one egg and tissue papers. Blackheads appear on our face when our pores are full with dirt and with dead skin cells.

This remedy will help you get rid of facial hair and blackheads. It also will diminish the wrinkles on your face and will make your skin softer and tender.



We actually need the egg white, not the whole egg. Make sure you wash your face nicely before applying the mask. Take a brush or put the egg white with your own hands. If you want to remove blackheads and facial hair, you need to put thicker layer. Then, take tissue paper and apply on your face. After this, add another thin layer of the tissue paper over it. After applying more layers on your face, wait for 40 minutes. Then gently start to take off the paper in an upward direction. Your face will feel fresh. Egg white is very good for our skin.

It is worth trying it, isn’t it?

source: healthyfoodheadlines.net

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