~ Auto Buzz ~: Chrome OS may be getting a night mode soon

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Chrome OS may be getting a night mode soon

We’re used to our devices having night modes. That orange filter over the screen is a big improvement at night, where cool colors can strain the eyes and hurt your sleep. However, Chrome OS still doesn’t have such a feature.

Thankfully, Google is on it. A Night Light feature has been pushed to Canary, Google’s test version of Chrome. It allows you to set schedules manually or link it to the sunrise and sunset as well as adjust how warm the filter is.

It’s currently in the testing phase, but we see no reason for Google not to implement it into Chrome OS in the future. Even Windows 10 now has this feature built in. What do you think of the Night Light feature and others like it? Do you use them? Leave a comment!

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