~ Auto Buzz ~: Essential Phone will be exclusive to Telus in Canada

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Essential Phone will be exclusive to Telus in Canada

When the Essential Phone was announced, it was confirmed the handset would be unlocked and work with all four major wireless carriers in the United States, as well as in some regions around the globe.

Since then we’ve learned that in the U.S., Sprint will be the exclusive carrier of choice for the Essential Phone when it goes on sale later this year. And now Telus has made an announcement that’s quite surprising: They’ll be the exclusive home and retail partner for the Essential Phone up in Canada. So if you want to find an Essential Phone in a store, a Telus shop is the way to do it when it launches this summer.

According to Essential CEO Andy Rubin, his company decided to go with Telus “due to our strong alignment on the importance of continuous innovation and support for consumer choice.”

As for the other details, like pricing and launch date, those weren’t confirmed in the announcement. Telus does say it will be available either outright or with a subsidy attached to a data plan, and that it will be available sometime in the summer.

If you’re up in Canada, is Telus going to be a consideration for you so you can pick up an Essential Phone?

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