~ Auto Buzz ~: Google Home is currently $20 off at many retailers

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Google Home is currently $20 off at many retailers

If you’ve been waiting for a deal to pick up a Google Home, now is a good time. Google and many retailers have discounted the connected home device by $20, bringing the total price down to $109.

While this doesn’t rival the old Black Friday sale, it’s still a good deal on a solid device. The functionality of the Google Home grows with every update and it’s definitely very useful to have around. Some people have been having issues with it the last couple of days (a recent update seems to have bugged out), but Google has fixed the issue and all Google Home units should now be working properly.

If you need Google Assistant always listening to your house (for better or for worse), hit the source links to pick one up today!

Source: Google Store, Best Buy, B&H

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