~ Auto Buzz ~: Google may be testing a transparent Google Now panel

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Google may be testing a transparent Google Now panel

The dedicated Google Now panel lasts saw a major revision way back in 2015, but if a new report is any indicator of what may be coming down the pipe, another big change may be on the way.

As reported by Android Police based on images shared to Reddit, Google may be testing a transparent backdrop for the Google Now (or, as it’s known now, Google Feed) panel. As revealed in the images, the new background makes it possible to see your wallpaper, instead of relying on a pure white backdrop. The content in the feed, though, from articles and what not, remains untouched for the most part.

As for the post on Reddit, the host of the images says they are running an unrooted Google Pixel XL, and that they are running on last month’s security update. The report indicates that this particular transparent background has appeared in the past, briefly, so this could indeed be the next iteration of the Google Now/Feed panel.

What do you think of the transparent approach?

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