~ Auto Buzz ~: How Does The Air Conditioning Work in a Car?

Friday, 9 June 2017

How Does The Air Conditioning Work in a Car?

Your vehicle most likely has an air conditioning system, and whether you live somewhere warm or cold, it helps to keep you comfortable in your car. We most often thing of the air conditioning when the temperatures climb and we’re sweating and ready to cool off. However, your air conditioning system is made to not only cool the air inside your vehicle, but also to remove moisture from the air. Read on and learn more about how a vehicle’s air conditioning works.

Why Does a Car Air Conditioner Need Refreshing?

Manufacturers tend to use the same general components to make your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Each system contains a compressor, condenser, and evaporator. So, how do they work together to make your daily drive more comfortable?

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The air conditioning system uses compressed refrigerant gas, which when compressed becomes a liquid. The refrigerant liquid is run through lines and to the condenser in the shape of a grid. Air passes through the grid, and removes heat from the refrigerant. After the heat has been removed, the refrigerant moves to the accumulator and the moisture is removed as the refrigerant is returned to gas form.

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After all of this, the cooler and gaseous refrigerant passes into the evaporator and air is pushed through. The air is cooled by the refrigerant and is then pushed into the passenger cabin.

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