~ Auto Buzz ~: Project Fi now supports G Suite accounts

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Project Fi now supports G Suite accounts

Up to this point, signing up for Project Fi meant using a standard, consumer-grade Google account. Now there’s an important change rolling out for folks who signed up for a G Suite account. Today,Google confirmed that G Suite accounts are now officially supported by Project Fi. From this point on, a business or a family that has signed up and paid for a G Suite account and a custom domain can sign up for Project Fi. This means you won’t have to sign up for a secondary Gmail account just to get access to the MVNO.

It’s worth noting that if you aren’t the administrator of the G Suite account you’re a part of, the administrator will have to go and manually turn on Project Fi service support first. If that can’t happen you’ll still need to sign up for the consumer Google account to use the network. Have you been waiting to sign up for Project Fi until it supported G Suites? Will you sign up now that the support is there?

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