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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Best 9 Workouts for Melting Belly Fat in 3 Weeks

One of our biggest enemies when we talk about our looks is nevertheless the belly fat. How to fight it, how to make it go away and without too much work?

To be quite honest, that is impossible. One must sweat well to get rid of the extra belly fat. The visceral part of the belly fat is the one that is deep in the skin and covers the organs. This fat can make us keen to diabetes and do we really want that? What if the belly fat can go away if you follow certain advices or actually, certain exercises! We guarantee you that in three weeks you will be a new person.

The exercises have three levels: light, medium and advanced. If you make these workouts right, you will have wonderful results in less than a month.

1. Butterfly crunch


Lie down and let the toes touch, they should be the closest possible. Put hands under the head, chest don’t touch the ground and lower back is calm. Do these 3 sets and repeat it 10 times.

2.Hip lift


Lie on right side, knees are bent and right elbow holds the body firm. Lift the left arm and pull the right hip. 2 sets and 15 reps You can try with straight legs.

3.Front plank


Start on knees and hands, chest down, touch the floor with forearms. The weight is on toes, pull your knees slowly. Start with 30 seconds and increase time after each practice.

4.Toe touch

Lie down, lift legs above hips, arms ups. Touch toes with fingers. Hands are back to start. Stomac is tight. Do 2 sets 15 times.

5.Scissor lift

Lie down on the back, arms next to you, palms on the ground. Knees should be at 90 degrees. Lift legs and lower the one leg. Switch in 2 min and after rest of 1 min, do another 3 sets.

6. Resistance bent knee tuck

For transverse abdominals. Get a chair and brace between the backrests. Hold elbows, bend them, relax the neck and shoulders, lift the chest and head. Abs are flexed, knees bent slowly, lift them to chest. Take them down but not to ground. 3 sets 15 reps.

 The Best 9 Workouts for Melting Belly Fat in 3 Weeks

Advanced level

1. Knee ups

For rectus abdominous. Be between backrests of 2 chairs, elbows are bent, shoulders down, neck relaxed. Head and chest elevated.

2. Russian twist

Sit down on floor, bend knees, the back is straight. Stretch arms, pull heels off ground, balance on the tailbone. Rotate arms left and right, 3 sets 2 reps.

3. Ball leg lift


For transverse abdominals. Lie down and arms are at sides. Bend knees with in between ankle ball. Legs are 45-degree stretch and pulled down slowly, not to ground. 2 sets 20 or 30 reps.

Source: organichealthcorner.com

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