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Saturday, 17 June 2017

What Do I Do With Nail in Car Tire?

Most of us don’t have nails laying around the ground where we drive, but occasionally we end up with a nail in our tire. Instead of continuing to drive on it, it’s best to get it plugged, patched, or replace the tire. Check out these steps to get yours tire nail-free as quickly and easily as possible.  

Steps to Get a Nail Out of Car Tire

Many of us find a nail in our tire without knowing where it came from. The other tricky part of a nail puncture is that the tire might not even seem like it’s leaking. If the air stays in, should you just leave the nail? Here’s what to do:

Check Your Tire Pressure 

Take out your tire pressure gauge and check your pressure. If your PSI levels are significantly lower than they should be, put on your spare tire. If the tire pressure isn’t super low, top it off and head to your service center.

Have the Nail Removed and Patch Tire 

Bring your vehicle in to a service center and have the nail removed. The hole will be repaired with a plug and patch to keep moisture from getting inside the tire, and to keep the tire from leaking.

Replace Tire if Necessary  

There are some parts of your tire that cannot be patched after a nail has punctured them, and so the tire will need to be replaced. Consider buying tires from the experts here at Palmen Fiat!

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