~ Auto Buzz ~: 3 Things To Know About The Upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT Four-Door

Friday, 14 July 2017

3 Things To Know About The Upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT Four-Door

Taunted as the most powerful Mercedes, except perhaps for the Project One, the upcoming four-door Mercedes-AMG GT, or whatever it would be called in the future, will be launched in the market by September 2018. This follows what is scheduled to be the four door GT’s premiere during an auto show earlier that year. Perhaps, the Geneva Auto Show?

While Mercedes enthusiasts are waiting for 2018 to arrive to catch a glimpse of this new powerful GT, the German automaker is busy testing the sedan both on and off the track to make sure it will give its best performance out of all Mercedes powerful AMG lineup.

Fuzzy Reports on Official Name

Right now, we’re referring to it as the four-door Mercedes-AMG GT, but the German luxury carmaker has not officially branded this sedan. Based on the spy shots and videos, the model looks very similar to the next-generation CLS, though the structure might be a bit larger.

What this means is that it might be more related to the E-Class rather than the AMG GT two-door models. We’ll have more info about which class this belongs to once Mercedes released the official name.

GT is being used for now to separate this sedan from the CLS lineup because of its strong resemblance. Of course, there is also a belief that it would get the name CLS while the outgoing CLS would be renamed CLE to distinguish its relationship with the E-Class.

Expected to Produce 800 Horses

There is no denying that this four-door AMG GT is as powerful, perhaps more than, as the Porsche Panamera, which it will go up against. It would also borrow from the hybrid assistance featured in the GT concept from the Geneva Motor Show.

Coincidentally, though names are still fuzzy, the new sedan will use a biturbo 4.0-liter V8 engine borrowed from the rest of the AMG GT models. It is going to be paired with a rear-mounted electric motor for a combined output of 805 horsepower.

More Expensive Yhan the CLE 

It’s interesting to see how and where Mercedes plans to line this up in terms of pricing. It’s only a matter of time before the CLS 63 would need a new generation. If this is similar to a CLS, we might not see a next-gen CLS 63.

This the AMG GT4/CLS or whatever it will be called will more likely be a liftback like the concept to distinguish it from the CLE and why it would be priced higher.

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