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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Do Not Use Apple Cider Vinegar If You’re On Any Of These Medications

Apple cider vinegar is used for many health problems and its beneficial effects are widely known but you cannot combine it with some medications.


First let’s see its benefits

ACV is mainly used for losing weight.

  • It has the ability to reduce the hunger and improve digestion.
  • Reduces the risk of esophageal cancer by even 37 percent.
  • Treats yeast infections due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Great for diabetics because it prevents the digestion of starches (they increase the blood sugar).

If you are on any of these medications don’t use ACV

If you combine ACV with some medication it can lead to some health complication therefore the best thing is not to take ACV if you are on some of these medications.


These medications are for people with health problems when they are combined with ACV the absorption of potassium in the body is obstructed and the side effects are vomiting, mood swings, dizziness, diarrhea, and vision problems.

Diuretics – Lasix, Diuril, Thalitone, and Microzide

With these medications is treated bloating. While potassium maintains the balance of the water, the ACV lowers it and the result is dehydration.


This medication is used for diabetes and the ACV also lowers the blood sugar levels. If they are combined the sugar levels and the potassium levels will lower significantly.

So be very careful when you are using ACV.

Other people who shouldn’t use ACV

Breastfeeding and pregnant women

While ACV can have a negative effect on the baby and breastfeeding women shouldn’t consume it, there isn’t enough evidence how it affects the fetus. The best thing to do is to avoid ACV if you are in one of these categories.

Postmenopausal women

The density of the bones in postmenopausal women is reduced and ACV lowers the levels of potassium and this can lead to osteoporosis.


We all know that diabetics take insulin and we already said the effect of combining these two. If you are on some medication, then adjust the dosage if you also want to take ACV.

Source: holisticlivingtips.com




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