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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Lose Weight Faster By Pressing These Seven Points On Your Body

Every organ in the body is triggered by pressing and this is done through acupressure. There are certain points in the body that are connected to a specific organ. In this way, we can accelerate our metabolism, increase our energy, lose the extra fats, prevent the deposition of fat or even control our appetite.

Today we are going to present you 7 points that can help you to lose the extra weight more easily only by pressing them

Face – this point on your face will reduce your anxiety and will help you to control your appetite. Just massage this point for five minutes, two times every day.

Arm – if you massage this point two times every day for a minute you will reduce your body temperature and you will stimulate your intestines. This will boost the metabolism and you will lose some weight.

Leg – the Zu San Li point of the body is very beneficial for the human health. It will prevent inflammation and it will improve your digestion. Use your right palm to cover your left knee. There is a small dent between your bones at the end of your little finger and your ring finger. Massage this point in clockwise direction nine times on each leg. This massage should last 10 min. but remember not to do it before bedtime as it might cause insomnia. Don’t worry if you feel some discomfort.

Ear – massage this point with your thumb 3 times every day. Gently apply pressure on it for three times.

Stomach – this point is 3 cm. below your belly button. Just move gently with your fingers up and down and try pressing this point for 2 times. If you do this two times every day you will improve the work of your digestive system.

Ankle – this point that will also improve the work of your digestive system is 2 inches above your ankle, on the inner side of your leg. Use your thumb to apply pressure on this point for a minute. Do this every day.

Ribs – this point is in line with your ear lobes, under the ribs, where the ribs cage ends. Press this point for 5 minutes every day and you will improve your indigestion and other health problems.

Source: naturalmedicinehouse.com

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