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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Summer Camping Guide 2017!

camping oregon

camping oregon

We’re almost midway through July – which means there’s still LOTS of time to go camp out in the woods!

After taking oh…about a TEN year hiatus from camping, I’ve finally re-embraced it after living in Oregon for just 2 weeks. There are just so many things to see and do here and being active and being outdoors is just part of the lifestyle.

So here’s what I recommend for your next trip:

camping guide summer

1) A GREAT Playlist

Get the tunes going with a great playlist. I love chilling out at the end of the night next to the warm glow of a campfire, some great music and a cold drink. Make your own playlist on Spotify or listen to my mix – perfect for Campfires + Roadtrips.

poler stuff camp vibes

2) Stylish Gear

Since I was starting from scratch, I got to invest in all new camping gear this year – so I wanted stuff that looked fun and stylish while practical and functional. Here’s a round-up of my cute + stylish camping gear!

pie iron recipes

3) Gourmet Eats

One of my favourite parts of camping is getting creative with the menu. I like to cook things that don’t require a lot of ingredients, can keep well in a cooler and that I can prep ahead of time. I need to be able to cook it over the fire or in the small frying pan and single burner camping stove we bring with us. Here’s what I ate last time I went camping.

poler tent

4) Glamping is OK Too!

If camping is too big a step for you and you don’t want to invest into all that gear. Consider clamping! Here are a few of my favourite glamping spots. I credit glamping for helping transition and open me up to the idea of camping.

camping ideas oregon

5) Dealing With The Bugs

One of the biggest reasons I avoided most outdoor activites are because of the bugs! I’m allergic to mosquito bites and my whole body will blow out after just one tiny bite. It totally sucks. So I always arm myself with this citronella candle, natural bug spray and these bug off bands (they work!).


What do you usually do to prep?



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