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Sunday, 16 July 2017

The right way to wash your hair!

The hair is an important part of the human body. It can make you look more beautiful or completely the opposite. It is important to wash your hair the right way in order to stay healthy and beautiful.

I’ve Been Washing My Hair Wrong My Entire Life, And This Is How You Should Actually Do It!

  • First mistake – you wait too long between washes

The best time to wash your hair is whenever it feels like washing. During the winter time it can be once per week and during the summer it can be every day.

  • Second mistake – putting shampoo on every wash

If you shower every day, then you shouldn’t put shampoo on every wash because it dries your scalp.

  • Third mistake – scrubbing the scalp

You shouldn’t scrub your scalp; you should just gently go with the fingers through your hair.

  • Fourth mistake – hot showers

Hot water dries the scalp and the hair so you should wash your hair with lukewarm water.

  • Fifth mistake – different shampoos

It is the best for your hair to stick to one shampoo.

  • Sixth mistake – too much shampoo

You shouldn’t pour too much shampoo; it isn’t good for the hair.

  • Seventh mistake – rub it with the towel

Your hair is very fragile when it is still wet so just pat it dry gently.

  • Eight mistake – brush the hair

Don’t brush your hair while it is wet.

  • Ninth mistake – you shampoo the scalp

You shouldn’t always shampoo the scalp.

  • Tenth mistake – you don’t soak your hair

Before you apply the shampoo your hair must be completely soaked.

  • Eleventh mistake – you shampoo the whole head

Shampoo your roots then condition the ends.

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