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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

10 beauty habits for every night!

Our skin is exposed to many harmful influences like pollution, chemicals, UV rays, toxins, etc. Due to all these influences, it becomes dark, covered with wrinkles, dark spots, and damaged. We must take care of our skin if we want it to be beautiful. In the today’s article, we are going to present you 10 beauty habits that you can use during the night.

  • Remove the makeup

Don’t forget to remove the makeup before you go to bed. It will clog your pores and your face will become covered with dark spots, acne, and damaged. So, keep in mind this useful advice.

  • Use a toner

Clean your face with a toner, in order to have balanced pH levels of your skin. It will also help your skin to fight microorganisms and bacteria. Use a high-quality toner and wipe the neck and the face before you go to bed.

  • Use eye cream

The first wrinkles appear around the eyes so you must take care of them. Buy and eye cream and use it every night before you go to bed. Your skin will be hydrated, the dark circles will be gone, and the wrinkles will be reduced.

  • Use silk pillowcases

The silk is very gentle on your skin and hair. It contains 18 amino acids and a lot of natural proteins. If you use a silk pillowcase you will have beautiful and younger skin. It will also have some great effects on your hair.

  • Turn on a humidifier

If you have a humidifier turned on in your room it will prevent your skin from cracking and drying. It will also prevent some conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

  • Put a hand cream on your hands

If you want to have beautiful and soft hands, then you should apply a hand cream on them. Just apply the cream on clean hands and in the morning they will look much better.

  • Pin-up your hair

If you want to avoid tangling you should pin-up your hair while you are sleeping. Your hair which is also dirty and oily won’t touch the face.

  • Petroleum jelly on your feet

On clean feet apply some foot cream of petroleum jelly. Massage them gently and you can even put on some socks. In the morning your feet will look much better.

  • Brush your teeth

Never forget to brush your teeth in this way you will protect them and get rid of the bad breath.

  • Get your beauty sleep

You should sleep at least seven or eight hours per night. While you are sleeping your skin produces new cells and it is refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. An 8-hour sleep also prevents wrinkles, dark circles, dull complexion, and fine lines.

You shouldn’t sleep with your phone in the same room with you or with your TV on. Try these beauty tips and after a while, you will experience a great improvement.

Source: naturalcarebox.com


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