~ Auto Buzz ~: Celery, apples, and oranges and your pits will smell better!

Friday, 18 August 2017

Celery, apples, and oranges and your pits will smell better!

Conventional antiperspirants are full of chemicals and can be very toxic for us. We all want to find some natural alternatives. Sometimes even our diet is directly correlated to our personal scent but we focus on our smelly pits externally.  Additionally, to the natural deodorants that you can prepare try changing your diet and you will experience some great improvements.

Vegetables and fruit can make men smell better

Some studies have shown that men who consumed large amounts of vegetables and fruits can significantly improve the scent of their pits. They had a sweet and floral odor and were more attractive to women.

A different study has shown that men who ate eggs, tofu, and meat also smelled pleasant. The worst smell had those who ate carbs like pasta and bread. Some studies have shown that people’s odor is a signal of their health.

When nine women were asked about the sweat of 43 men, those who had higher carotenoid levels were more attractive to women.

What comes out reflects that what is going on- regarding the health

We usually notice only the most obvious regarding our health. Pain or fatigue are the most common symptoms that we notice when something is wrong in our body.

Another symptom that we usually ignore is body odor. It can be a signal of our current health. Some people say that the odor of the armpit is caused by bacteria but scientists say that it can be that the body is full of bacteria.

Internal deodorization

The bad odor that comes from the armpits when we sweat is from the toxins in our bodies. When we don’t feel good, we take some medications and when we smell bad we use deodorants.

Instead of using a deodorant you can try changing your diet and you will definitely feel a great improvement. Processed sugars, hydrogenated oils, and white flour are the main culprits of bad odor. Internal deodorization will we encouraged if we try a plant-based diet due to the phytonutrients that cleanse the body.

Foods for sweeter smelling pits

Here are some foods that will help you to cleanse your body and to improve your inner scent.

Citrus fruits

The citrus fruits are rich in acid content that will help your body to flush the water more easily. They are also full of fiber which helps the body to throw the toxins that are the main culprit for bad odor. Another benefit of them is their ability to balance the pH levels in the body.


We all know that garlic is great for our health but it has some contents that are hard to digest and that is the reason why we smell bad. If we try eating some apples we will feel some great improvements in our smell.

The apple has the ability to deodorize some of the enzymes that are part of the garlic. Other effective plants are mint, lemon juice, parsley green tea, and spinach.


When we have a bad breath we usually take chewing gums which are mostly with mint flavor. Mint is very important for our oral health and it also has the ability to improve the process of digestion.

If we want to reduce the smell of garlic, we can also use it because it is highly effective. Menthol and chlorophyll neutralize the odor of the body.


Rich in folate, potassium, vitamin K, androstenone, and androstenol it is great in improving the people’s smell.


Cilantro and parsley should we consume regularly. They have detoxifying properties and cleanse our bodies from toxins.

The more your body is cleansed from toxins the less you will smell bad.


Source: naturalcarebox.com



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