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Thursday, 31 August 2017

My New Home Essentials

cute laundry hamper

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It’s been awhile since I’ve had some time to sit down and blog – because moving pretty much takes over your life… even when you’re just going 6 blocks up the street.

Paul and I have said goodbye to The Pearl District, but we’re still in Northewest Portland and loving our new apartment after we realized how much we needed a door and some division of space.

venice beach california

Not having a door didn’t seem like that big of a deal at first because we were poised to buy a condo in the Pearl District. Instead, we ended up buying this new construction beach house on the coast and turning it into this airbnb.

We’ve moved a lot in the past couple years and there are a few home essentials I can’t live without and that I’ve learned make your life a whole hell of a lot easier. It’s all about hacking JOY and if I can make the little things in life more simple – I’m all over it.

Here’s what we can’t live without in our new home:

cute laundry hamper

Cute Laundry Hamper

We’ve had a sad little laundry hamper for awhile. If you’re staring at a boring piece of plastic or a worn-out basket – check out this one from etsy to add some easy style to your bathroom.

bathroom shelves above the toilet

Bathroom Shelving

We put up a few shelves above our toilet to display some pretty things we have like bath salts, candles, a faux succulent plant and an art print. It just brightens up the space and gets things off the counter and out of the cupboards.

I bought two pretty glass holders to store Q-Tips and cotton pads from Target that sit on this shelf as well. World Market is where I got the shelves above and Urban Outfitters had a pretty good selection as well.

pendleton valet catch all

Valet Catch All

If you’re over looking for your keys every time you’re about to step out the door – order yourself a leather valet catch all. I got this one off Amazon and it has a cool Pendleton-style pattern on the inside. It’s just big enough to hold two pairs of keys and looks cute on my entryway table.

hair dryer holder

Hair Dryer Holder

We have limited bathroom cupboard space and my hair dryer takes up a lot of room. So I bought this cheap $8 over the door hair dryer ‘ring’ where you just stick your hair dryer in and it hangs on the door.

I love the space that it frees up and that it’s all tucked and tidied away.


Faux Succulents + Plants

Faux plants have come a long way baby. I bought a bunch for our airbnb because I wan’t sure who would be around to water actual plants. I bought a few for our apartment in Portland for dark places that don’t get a lot of light but could use a burst of green.

I’ve stuck on in the bathroom and in the bedroom and they look great. You can’t tell as I have a few real plants and succulents around the house as well. If you travel a lot or have a space with limited light faux is the way to go. I got mine off Amazon, Overstock and you can check in-store at Michael’s and HomeGoods.

double hang closet rod

Double Hang Closet Rod

Dealing with a TINY closet? I didn’t even think about expanding my space until a neighbour suggested I look into putting in a second rod. I found this easy to install double hang closet rod from The Container Store for $13! It’s made a HUGE difference.

I hang all of my out-of-season sweaters on the lower rod for now while all my summer stuff sits up on the top rod.

under bed box wheels

Under The Bed Box

If you’re under the bed area is not stuffed with these already – I highly recommend these long under-the-bed boxes with wheels that I got from The Container Store as well. The wheels are so key because they make the whole thing slide so easily.

I store extra bed linens, towels and all sorts of seasonal things in these boxes. A queen bed could probably fit about four of these underneath.

simplehuman over the door trash can

Simplehuman Over-The-Door Trash Can

Ok, so if you’ve lived in a couple small apartments, you’ll know it’s a pain to figure out where to put the trash can. If you’re not handy like me – this over-the-door trash can from simplehuman requires no drilling or tools.

I like that the garbage and smell is hidden under the sink where BINGO can’t tip it over and get at it. It’s also a deal at $30. The only drawback is that it’s kind of small so we have to empty it more often – which is probably a good thing.


So what are the random things you’ve found that make settling into a new home easier?





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