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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Early signs of pregnancy!


We have all heard about morning sickness during early pregnancy but they are not the only symptoms. Today we are going to tell you about other early pregnancy symptoms that aren’t so obvious.

Food aversion

During pregnancy, some women are repelled by certain foods and smells. They can even hate something that they used to love, things like coffee, the smell of a pizza or some perfumes.

Super smell

If you are feeling an increased sensitivity to certain odors, you might be pregnant. This super power is called super smell.

Shortness of breath

During pregnancy, the woman’s body and especially her hormones are working completely different and this is the reason why you might feel tiredness and shortness of breath. The fetus needs oxygen and you are left with less oxygen than before. This is something that will last your whole pregnancy.

Bloating and constipation

The progesterone slows down your digestive system and that is the reason why you are bloated and constipated.

Mood swings

Pregnancy is like constant PMS. The changes in your hormones are the main culprit of that. One moment you are the happiest person in the world while the other you are crying. Your mood can change in a second.

Frequent urination

Due to increased blood flow to your kidneys, you have the need to urinate more often. And as your pregnancy goes further you will urinate even more because the baby will press your bladder.


As we have already said, you will feel shortness of breath but it will be accompanied with tiredness and fatigue. This happens as a result of hormonal changes and extra progesterone. But don’t worry you will feel better in the second trimester.


As your pregnancy progress so will the pain in your back. The baby put pressure on your lower back and as it grows the pains will become more intense. Your ligaments will loosen and you will need to adjust to your new weight.


During pregnancy, your uterus is stretching and you might feel some cramping like in PMS.

Some breasts

Sensitive and swollen breast is one of the first pregnancy symptoms you will feel. Again the reason for that is the hormonal changes but don’t worry this will be gone in the second trimester.

Spotting and light bleeding

A lot of women mistake implantation bleeding with their period.  The fertilized egg is settling into the uterus and that might be the reason for your light bleeding. But if the bleeding is accompanied by pain and it is severe then you should contact your doctor because it might be a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy.


We have already mentioned this symptom which is the most common. It is a symptom that starts in the first month of pregnancy.

High basal temperature

Some women chart their basal temperature while they are trying to get pregnant and if your basal temperature doesn’t go down after your ovulation it means that you are pregnant.

Source: ritely.com/early-signs-of-pregnancy/

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