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Friday, 15 September 2017

Easy exercises that you can do while you are in your bed!


We all have those mornings when we can’t get out of the bed. Luckily, our today’s article will help you when you are lazy and you don’t want to move out from your bed. Regular exercising is very important for our health and motivation during the day, therefore, we are going to present you a few exercises that you can do while you are still in your bed.

They can’t substitute the regular fitness program but they can definitely help you to boost your energy and motivation for the day.

  • Leg circles

This exercise will boost the blood circulation and it will strengthen your lower abs. While you are still lying in your bed on your back, lift up the legs 6 inches. Your feet should be touching, the back flat on the bed, and the arms on the sides. Now, try drawing circles with your legs in the air. Make 20 circles on each side.

  • Butt-sculpting hip rotation

Turn on your stomach and fold the arms under the head and the legs straight. Try bending the right leg and put the right feet on the back of the left knee. The hips on the bed and the knee should point out. Raise the hip and the left knee off the bed. Try holding and lower the knee. Repeat 10 times and switch the sides.

  • The Pilates calm

While you are lying on the right side keep the shoulders and hip in a straight line. Bend the knees and position your legs in a 90 degrees’ angle. The head on the right arm and the neck straight. The left hand in front of the chest. While your toes are together try rotating the left hip and open and raise your knee. When the hip will shift out of alignment lower the leg to the beginning position. Repeat four times and switch the sides.

  • Knee- In leg lifts

While you are on the right side bend the right knee and foot behind you. The right hand under the head and the left one on the hip. Straighten the left leg and lift it up towards the ceiling then try bending it towards the torso. repeat 10 times then switch sides.

  • Arm extension to shoulder tap

Begin in a plank position, the wrists under the shoulders and the arms straight. Now, straighten the right arm in front of your and keep the body straight hold for a few seconds, lower the arm and repeat the same with the other one. Try doing 30 repetitions with each arm.

  • Ankle rolls

Lie on your back in a straight line and then straighten the legs towards the ceiling and roll the ankles for a minute.

  • Marching hip raises

Start in a half bridge position, bent knees, squeezed butt, and the right foot raised off the bed in line with your hip. Lower the right foot and repeat the same with your left one.

Source: fitnessrepublic.com


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