~ Auto Buzz ~: Essential Phone sales may just be 5,000 units since launch

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Essential Phone sales may just be 5,000 units since launch

Following the debut of the Essential Phone earlier this year, the device took several months before the phone finally started shipping. Now details on the phone’s sales numbers may have come out.

According to data from BayStreet, a company that tracks smartphone and other device shipments across the United States, sales for the Essential Phone may only be 5,000 units since the device’s official launch. This could be due to a variety of factors, including Essential being a brand new smartphone company in a market that’s saturated with well-known names.

It could also come down to the fact that Essential has partnered with just a single wireless carrier in the United States to sell the handset. Sprint is the smallest of the four big names in the U.S., so trying to gain market recognition going that route might be a slow grind.

Plus, while the Essential Phone does have an enticing, minimal bezel design, it isn’t the only device with this feature. Samsung has its own Galaxy S8 lineup and the Galaxy Note 8 to the mix recently. The LG V30 has the same feature, and Apple’s upcoming iPhone X will be jumping on the bandwagon soon, too.

Whatever the case, if BayStreet’s outlook is correct, Essential still has a pretty big hill to climb before it can say it’s making a real dent in the smartphone market.

Who’s rooting for Essential? Did you buy an Essential Phone?

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