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Monday, 11 September 2017

Experience Kia at BEAT 360


In the heart of Seoul stands BEAT 360, Kia’s newest landmark and very first brand experience zone. Adorned with over 7,000 red exterior decorative modules, BEAT 360 is an eye-catching and trendy space that is a must visit for passersby.




Made up of three different theme areas that flow together seamlessly, BEAT 360 is truly one-of-a-kind. The café, garden and salon each offer a distinct and unique look into the Kia lifestyle and brand identity that is sure to enrich the visitor experience.


Café – A Space for Art




The café is located closest to the entrance of BEAT 360. The amphitheater-style lounge provides visitors with open views of the area, allowing them to enjoy the curated works of up-and-coming artists as they enjoy their beverages.




Kia models are also displayed throughout the lounge for visitors to take a closer look. For those curious to learn more about the cars on display, Kia provides HoloLens smart glasses that work as ‘digital docents’.


Garden – A Space for Healing




Past the café, visitors are greeted with greenery and an outdoor terrace. The garden is intended to be a ‘haven in the city’ for visitors to escape from the fast pace of city life. The quiet and relaxing ambiance of the garden provides a calm and unhurried space for guests to unwind.

The displays in the garden are primarily related to the outdoors and nature. Against the backdrop of the foliage, Kia displays models that are best suited for outdoor adventures. Car ornaments and accessories related to such outings are also on display.




In the Basecamp Zone across the way, Kia showcases TUON, our very own car customization brand. Customers who are interested in spicing up the aesthetics of their Kia will be able to view and purchase a variety of items.


Salon – A Space for Vision

 The salon is a space of modern luxury. In this zone, Kia showcases its present and future vision for automobiles and mobility. The Surround Media Zone and Music Lounge offer guests a special and unique way to experience Kia through the mediums of film and music.





This area also offers a Car Counseling Zone where experts will provide professional consulting for potential customers.




Kia BEAT 360 aspires to be a rich cultural oasis for anyone who is curious to learn more about Kia. If you are in the area, stop by our new brand experience zone for a pleasant and unforgettable Kia experience!


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