~ Auto Buzz ~: Meizu’s ‘Bezel-Free’ Smartphone Leaks, Features Dual Cameras

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Meizu’s ‘Bezel-Free’ Smartphone Leaks, Features Dual Cameras

Meizu’s Head of Global Marketing, Ard Boudeling, confirmed recently that the company will introduce a ‘bezel-less’ handset next year, and now the alleged phone surfaced online. If you take a look at the provided render, you’ll be able to see the alleged smartphone. Now, truth be told, this phone looks more like a concept render, than the company’s upcoming smartphone, but it’s possible that feeling is wrong, as we still do not know when in 2017 is Meizu planning to release such a phone, it’s possible it will arrive in the first quarter, who knows.

In any case, this smartphone sports really thin bezels all around, it sport almost no bezels on the sides, and its bezels above and below the display are extremely thin, similar to those that LG utilize in the LG V30, though this handset sports a somewhat different design, so it looks kind of unique. The leaked phone sports a dual camera setup on the back, and in between those two cameras you will notice an LED flash. Below everything we’ve mentioned, lies a fingerprint scanner, which is placed on the back this time around, which is rather odd for Meizu, considering that the company’s mBack multifunctional home key had been implemented in every smartphone this company released in the last couple of years. It will actually be interesting to see whether Meizu is willing to ditch the mBack home key in order to offer a considerably different design to its consumers.

Now, the source suggests that this phone will be called the Meizu mblu Zero, which is a naming that popped up a while back, with a partial design of that phone. The company’s exec actually denied that the leaked design is accurate, even though he did not say anything about the name, but chances are that the Meizu mblu Zero will not be the name of Meizu’s upcoming smartphone. As already mentioned, we still do not know when exactly is Meizu planning to release this phone, as the company’s exec only said that it’s coming in 2018, which basically means we’ll see quite a few additional leaks and rumors before the device arrives, and this nice-looking render might be nothing more than a concept design.

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