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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The amazing effects of sleeping naked!


Not so many people sleep naked but they don’t know the benefits of it. A famous doctor, Dr. Travis Bradberry claims that if we sleep naked we will boost our metabolism and we will reduce the level of stress.

Here are the seven benefits of sleeping naked:

  • You will sleep better and you will also rest better. When we are with our clothes on the natural temperature is disrupted and we don’t sleep well.
  • If we sleep well, we will have more energy for the day and more confidence.
  • Sleeping naked will keep us hydrated and it will prevent the growth of bacteria and yeast in the intimate parts.
  • The levels of cortisol will lower and the quality of our skin and hair will increase.
  • If you are sleeping naked with your partner your bonding hormones will increase, (especially oxytocin).
  • The metabolic rate will work much better and your skin will absorb the nutrients more easily.
  • You will have better blood flow and less discomfort in the abdominal area.

It is suggested that people who have problems with their sleep should try sleeping naked.

Source: forgoodshape.com


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