~ Auto Buzz ~: WiZ Brings Its Smart Home Lighting Solution To North America

Friday, 1 September 2017

WiZ Brings Its Smart Home Lighting Solution To North America

Consumers in North America who are looking to make their homes smarter have one more lighting option to consider thanks to the recently launched WiZ Connected Lights. The system is, like many other systems that are already available, built up around an entire range of LED smart bulbs, recessed lighting, and other accessories that connect a home’s lights together and to the user – allowing the user to change several aspects of how light fills their home. However, WiZ is one of very few systems that also doesn’t require an expensive central hub in order to make that possible and which has a full suite of features regardless of that. The system will be available at Amazon and Home Depot’s online shop in September, while they have been available at select Costco stores since August 28.

Among the most noteworthy features of WiZ Connected Lights is the fact that, according to the company, lights can be installed and ready to go within around 30 seconds. That’s all done through the accompanying application – which can be accessed via the button below. Once a bulb is plugged in, the app will automatically identify and add the lights. Once added, the bulbs themselves can be linked and organized or adjusted either through the app or through Wi-Fi. That means users can use either option to set up and manage entire rooms, change preset conditions, or adjust the color between 64,000 shades of white light and 16 million other colors – and the changes can even be implemented remotely from the application on any connected device.

Beyond those features, the bulbs can also be controlled with voice commands using Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa platform. Automation is also possible using IFTTT applets to link the bulbs to other devices such as motion sensors, cameras, or to GPS associated with a given device. Aside from the presets already available for users looking to quick start their custom lighting experience, custom ambiance settings are also available. Those can also be saved for future use, via the application, which allows the creation of truly immersive atmospheres, regardless of the user’s current event, mood, or lifestyle.

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