~ Auto Buzz ~: XSively Sexy XS650 Custom from the U.K.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

XSively Sexy XS650 Custom from the U.K.

Freshly lifted from Trevor Franklin’s fabulous Facebook feed, this very tasty Yamaha XS650-based custom. Apart from what the engine is, we have zero information other than if Trevor thinks it’s cool, so do we.

Trevor was a stalwart of the British bike magazine industry for years, before recently going to the dark side and becoming Harley-Davidson’s British press officer. He didn’t drop the youth’s name who built this machine and showed up with it at a recent vintage rally Trev sponsored in the U.K., but I have a weird feeling we’ll be seeing more from him in the future.


It doesn’t look like much of this is XS650 other than the engine and maybe the fork. The rest of it’s exquisitely bent, burnished and bolted together. Thanks for sharing, Trevor.

Wait, is British Columbia in Britain?

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