~ Auto Buzz ~: Yelp’s top 3 restaurants in Appleton, WI

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Yelp’s top 3 restaurants in Appleton, WI

Top 3 Restaurants Appleton, WI 

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a great restaurant when searching for a new place to eat because everyone hates to spend money on a bad meal. With the help of some Yelp users, the search can become a lot easier thanks to their in-depth reviews of local restaurants that tell you a little bit about a place before you decide to eat there. Appleton, WI is loaded with many restaurants and trying them all just isn’t realistic so sometimes you have to just trust other locals to help you decide where you should eat the next time you want to try a new restaurant so you don’t get burned. The following list will show you Yelp’s top 3 restaurants in Appleton, WI you have to try. 

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Top 3 Restaurants in Appleton, WI According to Yelp 

  1. Top 3 Restaurants in Appleton, WI According to Yelp Carmella’s. If you’re looking for some incredible Italian food in Appleton, WI, Carmella’s is a must. With fresh pasta and locally grown ingredients as well as meats sourced from a local business, this local Italian restaurant is an easy pick the next time you’re looking for an amazing meal.
  2. Appolon. With an exceptional dining experience, high quality ingredients and an original menu, this Greek restaurant located in Appleton, WI has been a local favorite since it first opened. A knowledgeable wait staff and gorgeous décor also help make this place a top pick.
  3. The Cozzy Corner. This family-owned restaurant features a large menu of “soul food” that tastes like mom’s home cooking. Southern food, incredible bar-b-que and blues music in the background gives this top 3 restaurant in Appleton, WI a big advantage over its competition. 

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