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Saturday, 14 October 2017

12 harmful effects of the microwave!

Microwaves are very useful kitchen appliances. All of us have them at their home and we are warming up and preparing food in them. But, they aren’t as healthy as we think they are.

They are using small particles that go through the food, rub the molecules together and produce heat. Some studies have shown that they are even associated with infertility and cancer.

Animals eat raw food and they suffer from illnesses rarely but we cook our food. When we cook our food in microwaves, they definitely have the ability to kill bacteria but it has been proven that they lose 60-90 % of their nutritional value and even increase the risk of cancer.

Another problem is that they leak radiation. The FDA has optimal radiation leakage limits for the microwaves but some of the companies are producing microwaves that are leaking much more. In 1976 Russia banned the microwaves because it proved that they are the reason for many illnesses.

A Swiss scientist has linked the microwaved food to many health issues and discovered that people who are using microwaves more oven have lower lymphocyte and hemoglobin levels. Another study made in Spain discovered the same things.

Here are the negative effects of the microwaves

  • They are linked to many psychological problems
  • Also they are linked to a disruption of delta, theta, and alpha brain waves
  • They affect the hormonal levels
  • Although they are linked to loss of stability
  • They affect the plants, animals, and humans even on a distance of 500 meters
  • Often they are associated with impaired nerve function
  • They cause deterioration of intercellular membranes
  • Also they have negative effect on our metabolism
  • They are associated with lymph and blood changes
  • They can even lead to cancer

If you want to avoid all these problems warm up and prepare your food in the traditional way.

Source : organichealthsolution.com

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