~ Auto Buzz ~: Amazon Echo Show and Echo Dot on sale for a limited time

Monday, 9 October 2017

Amazon Echo Show and Echo Dot on sale for a limited time

Amazon recently introduced several new Echo products, but two models that weren’t refreshed are the Echo Show and Echo Dot. Now they’re in the spotlight because they’re on sale.

Both the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Dot are being discounted for a limited time. What’s notable about the Echo Show sale is that this is the first real sale that we’ve seen on the device since its debut in early May:

The Echo Dot is on sale, too. It’s not a huge discount, but it’s still something:

As a refresher, the Amazon Echo Show is an Alexa-powered smart speaker with a 7-inch touchscreen and 5-megapixel camera. These features enable you to watch videos, conduct video calls, and more. Meanwhile, the Echo Dot is an little puck that can get you Alexa and all of the assistant’s stills for an affordable price.

Amazon says that these deals will be around for a limited time, so if you’re interested in them, you may want to act soon.

Sources: Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Dot

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