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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Don’t carry the mobile phone on your body!

Mobile phones are every day more and more used. We all know the negative effects of them but we use them besides that. We are carrying them in our bags, pockets, and even under our pillow when we sleep. We are addicted to the cell phones.

Some scientists have already proven that the radiation from the mobile phones is very dangerous and have very bad effects on our health.

Keep the mobile phone in the bra

It is a really dangerous habit to keep the cell phone close to your body but some places are more vulnerable than others. Some studies have shown that women who keep their cell phones in their bra are more at risk of developing breast cancer.

Some cancer specialists have proven that the reason for the is the constant exposure to radiation. This radiation affects the DNA cells and they change into abnormal, cancer cells.

Also some doctors had a woman patient who developed a breast cancer. She didn’t have and other predispositions for cancer except for keeping the cell phone in her bra. After some tests it was proven that, that was the main reason why she developed a breast cancer.

This same applies to any other part of the body. This exposure to radiation is very dangerous and it can lead to any other type of cancer.

Keeping the mobile phone close to your body

Other similar studies have been made but that showed the same results. If you are wearing the mobile phone close to your hip you are at risk of developing pelvis weakness and pain. It has been proven that this reduces the density of the bones.

Other studies have shown that the parotid gland tumor has increased in the last 30 years, this is the place where we keep our cell phones, close to our cheeks.

Keep your phone in your bag to avoid harmful radiation and to protect your health. Because the health is the most important thing we have.

Source : healthylifealways.org

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