~ Auto Buzz ~: Odd-Looking Meizu Handset Leaks, It’s Allegedly Being Tested

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Odd-Looking Meizu Handset Leaks, It’s Allegedly Being Tested

Meizu had introduced two really interesting smartphones earlier this year, the Meizu PRO 7 and PRO 7 Plus, and a rather odd-looking Meizu phone surfaced. The Meizu PRO 7 and PRO 7 Plus have a secondary display on their backs, while the PRO 7 Plus is the company’s current flagship phone. Well, this new smartphone that just surfaced does not have a secondary display on the back but it has something else, something circular that looks like a touchpad and is in a different color than the rest of the phone’s back. In any case, the source claims that this phone is under testing in China, and that it will probably become available in the near future.

The source did not elaborate on what that is, but if we had to guess, we’d say it’s a touchpad of sorts. That back side had some function attached to it, and ‘touchpad’ is the best guess we have at the moment. Above that odd-looking field on the back you’ll notice the phone’s main camera, while an LED flash and what seems to be a laser autofocus are located next to it. The device’s front-facing camera is centered right below the phone’s earpiece, and the company’s mBack multifunctional home key is present below the phone’s display. This phone’s bezels are not exactly thin, well, its side bezels are, but the bezels above and below the display are quite chunky. All the physical keys can be found on the right-hand side of this phone, while a microSD card tray is placed on the left. This phone’s design seems to be proportional, which is easy to notice considering we get to see the phone from various angles.

Now, as far as the phone’s specifications are concerned, we do not have any info at the moment. This smartphone is a real mystery at this point, and if the phone ever gets announced, it will be interesting to see what is the purpose of that circular field on the back. Having said that, the company’s executive actually confirmed recently that Meizu’s ‘bezel-less’ handset will land next year, though he did not say when exactly. The phone that leaked today is definitely not it, and if this handset ever becomes a reality, chances are that it will be a first device in Meizu’s new sub-brand of phones, as it does not resemble any other Meizu-branded handset that had been released up to this point.

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