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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Weekend Brunch: Jack’s BBQ – Seattle

Brisket Brunch

Brisket Brunch

Let me start off by saying – I love BBQ.

Growing up on the East Coast, BBQ meant having a party with your friends and family that involved hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on an actual BBQ. I did not discover the art of ‘barbeque’ style meat until I spent more time in the US, sampling the different styles found in St. Louis, Texas and the West Coast.

Now the BBQ I’m talking about is the slow-cooking of meat over low, indirect heat, by smoking the meat over wood or charcoal. Now THIS is what I’ve been missing out on my whole life. Perfect tender chunks of perfectly flavoured choice cuts of meat – not hot dogs!

Jack's BBQ Brunch

So when I was invited to Jack’s BBQ in Seattle to try out their BBQ Sunday Brunch – I was totally game. Not only does Jack smoke meat out back, he also smokes oranges for his Smoked Orange Mimosa – which is a one-of-a-kind drink that’s not to be missed!

Paul chose a classic brunch Bloody Mary made with Pepper BBQ Sauce and garnished with a pickled okra. Which is the perfect spicy pairing for all the BBQ we were about to try.

Breakfast Tacos Jack's BBQ Seattle

Breakfast Tacos

We absolutely LOVED these breakfast tacos! If you’re looking to get a little BBQ fix, these egg tacos made with potatoes and cheese include your choice of smoked sausage or brisket. Each entree comes with two sides and I went straight for the cheesy grits and fruit.

pancakes with smoked peaches

Pancakes with Smoked Peaches

Ok, this one is not to be missed. If you’re a pancake fan, I guarantee you haven’t tried them with smoked peaches and candied pecans. We could not stop eating this one. I definitely recommend ordering one BBQ-based dish and these pancakes!

Sausage Link

Sausage Links with Fried Okra + Potatoes

We had to try the sausage links at Jack’s – which was delicious with a side of crispy pickled okra pieces and a potatoes hash. I’ve definitely never had a hash with okra and we were really impressed with how innovative everything was at Jack’s BBQ – including all the smoked fruit.

Brisket Brunch

Brisket Breakfast Plate

The star of any BBQ joint for me is by far the brisket. I never miss it and the brisket at Jack’s is full of smokey flavor and tender to cut right into.

Jack Timmons

Pitmaster Jack Timmons (above) gave us a tour of his smokers out back and his gigantic walk-in fridge, which he is super proud of! The Texas-native spent many years working at Microsoft in Seattle until his love of BBQ led him to a series of pop-ups and then finally to his current brick and mortar restaurant.

Jack Timmons BBQ

The meat gets put on early in the morning and spends the whole day slow cooking, Central Texas Style. The beef and pork are massaged with a simple dry rub and cooked over mesquite, post oak or hickory wood.

Jack's BBQ Seattle

Jack’s BBQ in Seattle serves up their special BBQ Brunch all-day Sunday from 11 AM – 8 PM. Breakfast Tacos are also available during the week from 7 AM – 9 PM.

To see all of their menus and to learn more visit: www.JacksBBQ.com 

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