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Sunday, 12 November 2017

13 traits of people with true integrity!


Integrity is considered as one of the most important characteristics in humans. It means doing the right things for the benefits of the society, having moral principles and being honest.

Here are some characteristics of people with true integrity

  • They are trustworthy

Trust is very important thing for them, once they have gained your trust, they will do anything to keep it.

  • Honesty

They want to achieve everything in their life without lying so they are very honest and they don’t want lies.

  • They are authentic

They are always in their truest forms and never present themselves falsely.

  • They do good things

They make good whenever they have the chance.

  • They are humble

They do good things without noticing their acts of kindness.

  • They apologize

It is not difficult for them to admit their mistake and to apologize.

  • They believe the other people

Because they don’t lie, they believe the other people. So, shouldn’t lie them if you want to believe you.

  • You need them in your life

You should have these people around you because they will brighten your day.

  • They pay attention to the other people’s feelings

They pay attention to other people’s feeling and they will know if you have some problems.

  • They give the benefit of the doubt

They always try to see the good in the other people but if you try to take advantage of them too much they will get rid of you.

  • They don’t want to argue over disagreements

They want to talk over things and they don’t want to argue about trivial matters.

  • They don’t take advantage of others

They help the other people and don’t want to take advantage of them.

  • They know to credit the ones that deserve it

They never take credits for the things they haven’t done and if someone else has done the work they will mention it and give them credit.

  • They value other’s time

They value their own time and therefore value other people’s time

  • They are genuine

They are real genuineness and if they find some lost money they will definitely return them.

  • They hold themselves accountable

They set their goal and try to achieve them by themselves, they are also with high commitment standards.

  • They hold you accountable

They will help you to achieve your own goals and to succeed.

Source: positivethingsonly.com



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