~ Auto Buzz ~: Cricket boosts data plans with new options

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Cricket boosts data plans with new options

The U.S. wireless market is dominated by four major carriers, and with two of those carriers, Sprint and T-Mobile, discussing a merger, smaller wireless carriers are having to step up their game. One of those small carriers is Cricket Wireless, which offers a variety of value plans. In celebration of fall, the company is stepping up and improving its data plans with increased allotments, as well as enhanced features.

The company’s $30/month plan will be increased from 1GB of data to 2GB, while the $40/month plan will increase from 4GB to 5GB. The company is also bringing back its Unlimited 2 plan which offers two lines with unlimited data for $80/month. And, for a limited time, is allowing up to four extra lines with unlimited data to be added for $25/month per line. To top it all off, Cricket customers can now add mobile hotspot functionality to unlimited data plans for just $10/month.

If any of those plans catch your eye then you may want to check Cricket out and see if you could be saving more on your monthly wireless bill. For more info, follow the source link below.

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