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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

EICMA 2018: Yamahas 2018 Hyper Naked MT Line

A segment of our sport that’s seen plenty of attention recently is the “hyper-naked” segment, standard-styled motorcycles that offer more performance and edgier styling than your run-of-the-mill standard. Yamaha Motors USA made that designation official, giving its FZ-07, FZ-09 and FZ-10 models the “MT” moniker, as well as announcing some updates to its FZ…oops, MT-07 for 2018.

Other markets, including Europe and Japan, have called their FZs MTs (that’s short for “Masters of Torque,” by golly) for years, but Yamaha wanted to “strengthen a passionate, global community of MT riders sharing the distinctive “Dark side of Japan” inspiration.” Sounds good to us!

Additionally, the MT-07 gets some upgrades. It receives new bodywork, a new, larger headlight, a reshaped seat and improvements to the suspension. The motor seems to stay the same – and that’s a very good thing – and ABS is now standard, which I applaud. You can get it at your Yammie dealer in March 2018 for $7,599 (that’s a $100 bump over last year’s ABS model) in Matte Gray, Team Yamaha Blue or Intensity White.

2018 Yamaha MT-09

MT-09 is now available in matte gray, matte black or red. Price stays the same.

Other than colors and a name change, the MT-09 and MT-10 stay the same. Wait till January 2019, and a dollar under $9,000 will get you an MT-09 in Matte Gray, Matte Raven Black or Rapid Red. The Ten, expected at the dealerships this month, is $12,999 and comes in just Matte Gray or Team Yamaha Blue. That’s the same price as last year for both bikes, and you’re welcome, says Yamaha.

2018 Yamaha MT-10

MT-10 is now available in matte gray Team Yamaha Blue. Price also stays the same.

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