~ Auto Buzz ~: Essential Phone gets unofficial LineageOS builds

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Essential Phone gets unofficial LineageOS builds

Custom ROM development for the Essential Phone is finally getting started! Despite running stock Android in all of its beauty and simplicity, there are plenty of improvements to be made in stock Android. A developer by the name of invisiblek has ported LineageOS to Essential’s PH-1, and it’s fully working.

The ROM has all the goodies people expect from LineageOS without any major bugs or issues. Even the stock Essential camera works, and after all the updates it can take some nice shots. Of course, the Google HDR+ camera app is a must as well.

The flashing of this ROM is a bit more complex than most due to the A/B partitioning system Essential uses (much like Pixel devices), and you’ll have to keep in mind that flashing ROMs is always a risk and you could brick your device. But if you’re ready, hit the source link for the full info!

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