~ Auto Buzz ~: Essential Phone owners can now install Android Oreo beta

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Essential Phone owners can now install Android Oreo beta

Essential Phone owners, you can now sink your teeth into an Oreo treat.

Essential is now offering a beta release of Android Oreo for the Essential Phone. You go to Essential’s website to download it and then load it onto your device.

It’s worth noting that this is a beta and so it may contain some bugs. Essential also notes that its support team won’t be equipped to troubleshoot any software issues that you encounter, so you’ll be on your own there. Downloading the Oreo beta won’t affect your Essential Limited Warranty, though, and you can return to a stable software build if you’d like.

We’ve known an Android Oreo beta was coming for the Essential Phone, but it’s still exciting to see it land. Because it’s a beta, this update isn’t something that everyone should install, but it’s nice to see Essential offer the option for customers that are hungry for an Oreo treat and don’t mind some bugs.

Are you going to install the Android Oreo beta for the Essential Phone?

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