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Monday, 13 November 2017

Every woman should do these things after intercourse!


Every woman should take care of her private parts because unhealthy habits lead to bacterial and yeast infection. Today, we are going to tell you some things that every woman should do after an intercourse.

Go to the bathroom

The private parts of the woman are perfect for spreading bacteria, they are wet and warm. So, in order to protect yourself, you need to pee after an intercourse. In that way, you won’t end up with a bladder infection. Keep in mind to wipe from front to back.

Drink plenty of water

In order to flush the UTI causing bacteria from your bladder and to stay well hydrated after sex, you need to drink plenty of water.

Avoid hot bathtub showers

A hot bathtub shower will make you more prone to infections because after an intercourse your vagina is still open and reacts to stimulations.

Avoid using soaps

This doesn’t apply only after an intercourse. The vagina is an organ that has the ability to cleanse itself and when you use soaps and shower gels you interfere with its pH levels. Soaps also cause dryness and irritation. After an intercourse wash your private part only with water.

Ear and drink probiotic foods

Best foods after an intercourse are fermented ones such as yogurt, kombucha, or kimchi. These foods will restore the good bacteria and they will protect you from yeast infections.

Avoid using wet wipes

Many women use baby wipes after an intercourse but they are full of chemicals and fragrances that can irritate these sensitive parts. The best thing is to use water but you can add some white vinegar to it and wash your private part. This won’t disrupt the pH levels.

 Allow your private part to air dry

Many women use low drying after an intercourse to dry their private parts. This is very beneficial especially if you are prone to UTIs but you need to wash them well with some warm water first and t use cold air for drying. At the end use a soft hand towel.

Don’t wear adorable lingerie

Most of the lingerie is made of unbreathable materials such as polyester and nylon. That makes them a perfect place for bacteria to grow. Stay naked after an intercourse or wear breathable 100% cotton panties.

Source: healthyfoodwhisperer.com

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