~ Auto Buzz ~: First Look: 2018 Honda NC750X for the USA.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

First Look: 2018 Honda NC750X for the USA.

Where were you on November 5th, 2013? I can’t remember, but if you’re an NC700X fan, like many of us here at MO, you may remember it as the day the European market got an upgraded bike – but those of us here in the USA didn’t. Well, better late than never, because American Honda announced the NC750X as a USA model, with all the improvements and new features of the Euro-bike.

2016 Honda NC700X Long-Term Review

For 2018, the NC gets a boost in displacement and other tasty engine upgrades. The bore is now 4mm wider, for a 75cc increase to 745cc. That should net a few more horses (I’d guess around 49 or 50 horsepower at the wheel), but power will now be even more accessible, thanks to the DCT’s new upshift ceiling at 7,500 rpm. There’s also the addition of two-level Honda Selectable Torque Control  (HSTC), Honda’s traction-control system. Also, Honda has added “Adaptive Clutch Capability Control” for smoother stops and starts with the DCT transmission.

We already saw improvements to the seat, windscreen and styling, so there are no changes on that front. Expect to see the new NC in dealers in the summer of 2018. There is no information on pricing as yet.

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