~ Auto Buzz ~: Miles of snowmobile trails near Appleton, WI offer a winter wonderland for many residents of Outagamie County

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Miles of snowmobile trails near Appleton, WI offer a winter wonderland for many residents of Outagamie County

Snowmobile Trails near Appleton, WI

With winter almost here and snow coming soon, it’s that time of year when we all start gearing up for the colder weather and start planning what we are going to do during the winter months. There are many popular activities that people in Wisconsin like to take part in, but snowmobiling on perfectly groomed trails is certainly near the top of the list. If you haven’t ever tried it before and want to give it a shot, or if you are a veteran on a sled, this list of snowmobile trails near Appleton, WI and in Outagamie County will help you find a trail near you. 

[View Snowmobile Trail Map: Outagamie County, Wisconsin] 

Local Snowmobile Trails in Outagamie County, Wisconsin

In Outagamie County there are 295 miles of snowmobile trails that are open to the public. They are funded by the registration of snowmobilers that use the trails. The snowmobile trails are divided up into seven zones so you can pick an area near you and enjoy them at your convenience. The seven zones are numbered one through seven and occupy a particular section of Outagamie County. The opening and closing of local snowmobile trails in Outagamie, Wisconsin are determined by the Outagamie County Snowmobile Alliance. For current snowmobiling conditions, trail information and to see when trails are opened and closed in Outagamie County, snowmobilers can call 920-832-4790 and press option 3. 

Trail Maps for Snowmobiling near Appleton, Wisconsin and Outagamie County

Snowmobile turning over hill(Click on zone links below to bring up Snowmobile trail map) 

Zone 1 – Northeast (Nichols, Black Creek, Isaar, Cicero, Seymour) 

Zone 2 – East Central (Seymour, Five Corners, Freedom, Black Creek) 

Zone 3 – Southeast (Freedom, Wrightstown, Plamann Park) 

Zone 4 – Extreme Southeast (South of Kaukauna, Connects Brown and Calumet Counties) 

Zone 5 – Southwest (Medina, Dale, Stephensville, Greenville, Hortonville) 

Zone 6 – Northwest (Leeman, Shiocton, Bear Creek, Sugar Bush, New London) 

Zone 7 – North Central (Center Valley, Binghamton, Leeman, Nichols, Black Creek) 

(Click on zone links above to bring up Snowmobile trail map)


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