~ Auto Buzz ~: OnePlus Lists Camera Software Improvements Coming To OP5T

Friday, 24 November 2017

OnePlus Lists Camera Software Improvements Coming To OP5T

OnePlus on Thursday listed the camera software improvements that are set to hit its newly released OnePlus 5T in the near future, naming several main areas it’s working to enhance. According to the company’s co-founder Carl Pei, OnePlus developers are already in the process of improving the new flagship’s low-light photography capabilities, as well as its selfie performance. The firm’s decision to scrap the telephoto lens featured by the dual-camera setup of the OnePlus 5 in favor of another wide-angle module was directly prompted by its desire to allow the OnePlus 5T to deliver better images in poor lighting conditions but initial feedback prompted it to do even more in this regard, Mr. Pei suggested. OnePlus’s current efforts on improving low-light imaging capabilities of its new high-end handset are largely focused on allowing the device to capture more details in dark scenarios, as revealed by the company official who didn’t elaborate on the matter.

The selfie improvements that OnePlus will introduce in the near future are twofold in nature, with its developers presently working on ways to deliver a more realistic, “natural exposure” while simultaneously working on better support for the Beautification Mode which will only be enabled by default in select Asian markets starting soon, Mr. Pei said. The selective strategy regarding the OnePlus 5T’s ability to make selfies prettier hasn’t been explained by the official who only revealed that the BBK Electronics-owned company will begin testing its current improvements as soon as next week. No open beta will be available in the coming days, with OnePlus primarily seeking to experiment with its changes and improvements with the help of a focus group instead of a larger number of customers. The aforementioned changes are all presently planned to be released on a global level at some point in December, according to the same source.

The OnePlus 5T started retailing earlier this week, having already been officially released in the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe. Indian consumers also had a chance to purchase the Android flagship through a Tuesday flash sale and will have one more such opportunity tomorrow before the device officially releases in the South Asian country next week, November 28th.

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