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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Pay attention to these warning cancer symptoms!


We should all pay attention to what happens to us and our bodies and if something is wrong or has changed we must check ourselves.

Many time we overlook the symptoms and this can lead to more serious diseases and illnesses.

  • Weakness

This is something that can be a symptom of many diseases including cancer. So, if you notice that you feel lightheaded or weak for a while you should check with your doctor.

  • Rectal hemorrhaging and blood in the stool

This might indicate colorectal cancer and if you notice some blood in your stool visit your doctor.

  • Problems swallowing

This may indicate cancer in your throat or esophageal cancer but also some tumors or lung cancer.

  • Changes in the nails

The first signs of liver cancer or some dermal cancers might be some black streaks or brownish growths.

  • Bruises and hemorrhaging that you can’t stop

This means that something is happening with your red blood cells and it can be a sign of leukemia.

  • Inflammation of the lymph nodes

If you notice some lumps in your neck, groin, or armpits it might suggest that something is happening with your lymph system and it might be cancer.

  • Bloating and weight gain in your stomach

This might suggest ovarian cancer, that is something that many women experience.

  • Coughing and chest pain

Leukemia and lung tumors might show symptoms such as constant coughing or chest pain.

  • Pelvic and abdominal pain

This is another symptom of ovarian cancer in women. It can also be a sign of leukemia.

  • A feeling of fullness

One more symptom of ovarian cancer. Many women who have suffered from ovarian cancer describe it as a constant feeling of fullness and not being able to eat.

  • Fat loss

This might suggest that you are suffering from colon or liver cancer.

  • Wheezing and lack of breath

One very common symptom of lung cancer is not being able to breathe air properly.

  • Red breasts and inflammation

You should immediately visit your doctor if you notice these symptoms because they might suggest breast cancer.

  • Upset belly and stomach ache

Stomach cramps can be an indicator colorectal cancers.

  • Heavy and painful cycles and bleeding between periods

Many women who have cancer in the uterus, ovarian cancers or endometrial cancers experience these symptoms.

  • Nipple alterations

If you notice some changes in your nipples such as they become compressed, inverted, it might suggest that you have breast cancer.

  • Swelling on the face

For people suffering from lung cancer common symptom is redness and inflammation of the face and the reason for that is because blood can’t go to their face and head.

  • Pain in the back and lower area

This might indicate various types of cancer so if you have constant pain you should definitely visit your doctor.

  • Constant fever and infections

This might be a symptom of leukemia or other types of blood cancers.

Source: healthguidegenius.com

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