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Monday, 13 November 2017

USSCA Announces 2017-2018 Schedule

The United States Slot Car Association 'Scale Racing Series' has announced their 2017-2018 schedule of races and rules changes.

The rules changes are:

4" NASCAR is dropped- it is replaced by 4" Production Class (Stamped steel chassis with approved GT/GTE Bodies)

JK Spec Indy/F1 is added

GTP is dropped

GT1 is dropped

Updated rules are expected to be posted on the www.ussca.us website no later than December 1st.

The 2017-2018 Schedule is:

1/20/2018 - Speedville, Bartonville, IL (all races on Grandstand track)

2/24/2018 - Mid-America Raceway, Bloomington, IL (JK Spec Indy & Production on the Midwest Monster, 4.5" NASCAR & Retro Can-Am on the Hillclimb)

3/17/2018 - WISCRS, Gladstone, IL (all races on the Grandstand)

4/14/2018 - Pro Slot Raceway, Hartford, MI (all races on the Paperclip)

9/22/2018 - At The Track Raceway, South Bend, IN (all races on the Hillclimb)

10/22/2018 - Chicagoland Raceway, Westmont, IL (4.5" NASCAR & Retro Can-Am on the King, JK Spec Indy & Production on the Fiedler Flat Track)

11/3/2018 - Thazer Raceway, South Bend, IN (all races on the Hillclimb)

USSCA memberships are now available $5 yearly includes a custom lane marker card and a box plaque. USSCA members are entitled to raceway 'bucks' payouts at races that they enter.

USSCA Web Site

USSCA on Facebook 

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