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Sunday, 12 November 2017

What happens to your brain when you are in love?


We usually associate love with our heart but it is actually directly correlated to our brain. And today we are going to explain what happens to your brain when you are in love.

Love and the brain

Love is actually a feeling of being “in the clouds” when we are close to a specific person. We always say that love comes from the hear but it actually comes from the brain.

In this state, your brain produces substances that make you into a state of constant enchantment.

Some interesting facts about the brain and love

When we are in love some biological changes happen in our brain. When you are in love your brain increases the production of noradrenaline and adrenaline.

These two hormones make you feel attraction and they make you silly too. The second one speeds up your pulse and increases your blood pressure while the first one increases the sexual attraction to the other person.
Here comes another hormone too and that is the testosterone which is an aphrodisiac.

After this initial stage comes the second one, the stage of true love. Then it is produced the hormone phenylethylamine, PEA. Now appear feeling of care for the other person and a constant desire to be with him or her. In this stage, you think that your partner is perfect and has no flaws.

Another substance that our body also produces is oxytocin which makes us cuddlier and affectionate. This is also known as the hormone of love. When the amount of this hormone is higher in our body, we have greater desire to be with the one we love and we even see our partner more attractive than it actually is.

That is the reason why love acts like a drug at the beginning but over the time these hormones will withdraw a little.

Is the brain forever in love?

The brain isn’t able to produce constantly these hormones; we couldn’t bear it. The production of these hormones usually lasts up to five years but over the time you have already gotten to know your partner and you have positive and negative experiences.

In this stage you need to work harder on your relationship because your brain doesn’t produce the hormones anymore. It can appear boredom and monotony but vasopressin appears then which is associated with bonding and monogamy. Harmony, trust, respect appear.

Source: happylifereport.com

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