~ Auto Buzz ~: 'A Christmas Story Live!’ Chinese Restaurant Made A Major Change From The Original

Monday, 18 December 2017

'A Christmas Story Live!’ Chinese Restaurant Made A Major Change From The Original

Fans of the classic A Christmas Story gathered around their TVs on Sunday, Dec. 17 to watch Fox's A Christmas Story Live! and see the holiday magic unfold IRL. However, fans weren't sure what to expect. The show started off as a musical, which made for a whole different story experience. Fans wondered how the 2017 version would compare, and were wowed by the inclusivity of a special Hannukah number that wasn't in the original. Additionally, A Christmas Story Live! made one major change in that classic Chinese restaurant scene – and it was definitely for the better.

The original Chinese restaurant scene, which first aired in the original 1983 movie, is easily considered racist in our modern world. The scene comes after Ralphie's family's Christmas eve meal is completely eaten by the neighborhood dog, and the family resorts to going to a Chinese restaurant for their Christmas dinner. When they get there, a group of carolers are singing in a stereotypical, exaggerated Chinese accent. As the scene – which would of course be deemed as inappropriate on Fox's live performance – approached, fans were biting their nails waiting to see how it would be handled. Lo and behold, it was done far more tastefully than the original.

The new scene had the carolers, most of whom we learn are attending Ivy league colleges, singing classic Christmas carols with no accents. The only nod to the original was from Ralphie's father who noted it was "not what he was expecting."

Here's the original version to compare it to:

StarWalker13 on YouTube

Yeah... not something you'd see much of on today's primetime.

Fans took to Twitter before the scene aired to express their worry:

Once it aired, fans were generally pleased to see the vague racism removed from the scene and replaced with simply a nod to the original.


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