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Friday, 8 December 2017

Android Wear’s Oreo Software Update Has Started

Android Wear’s Oreo software update has started today, already hitting some devices and bringing a fresh crop of new changes to the users that own them. While not all users will likely receive the update today as these things do take time, there will be some users who have already completed the update or will be completing it by day’s end, and with it comes things like notification channels and much more. Since this is Oreo, notification channels may be one of the bigger improvements to the software and will certainly be one to look forward to.

In addition to the Notification Channels users will be getting more battery saving features too. Battery life on Android Wear has not exactly been the best, unfortunately, but with each version update to the software Google has been trying to improve it however it can. This time around it comes in the form of background limitations, so as long as users implement these then some apps won’t be able to initiate certain background functions, thus using up less battery life in the process. For users that live in Belgium, Czech Republic, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nigeria, Honduras, or Portugal, Android Wear is not only now supported but those languages are supported by the software too, naturally, meaning it should be a lot easier to use the device as the native language will be available.

Another improvement that Google has made with Oreo on Android Wear is the touch lock option. This won’t necessarily be something that every user will have a need for, but there are bound to be times where it may benefit just about everyone. The touch lock option is there for wet conditions, so if you live in a rainy state or if you just happen to be caught out in the rain from time to time, enabling this will make it so that the touch screen is not able to respond to the water hitting the screen. There is also now a new vibration strength setting for notifications on the watches so if you felt the vibration was either too strong or too weak, you will be able to adjust things to your liking from now on.

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