~ Auto Buzz ~: Bixby Voice Receives Spanish Support On Some Samsung Phones

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Bixby Voice Receives Spanish Support On Some Samsung Phones

Bixby Voice has been updated with support for Spanish earlier this week, as at least one Galaxy S8 owner claims to have received the new feature, having provided the screenshots seen in the gallery below to back up their claims. The functionality was initially sighted on a Chinese version of Samsung’s Android flagship but with the language being labeled as Spanish (US), it appears the service is now either rolling out on a global level or will be doing so shortly. The development marks yet another expansion of Bixby’s abilities which now encompass four languages, with the service originally debuting in Korean before being “translated” into English in mid-2017.

Samsung just recently added Chinese support to Bixby Voice as the artificial intelligence companion officially launched in the Far Eastern country following a month-long period of beta testing. With the inclusion of Spanish, the digital helper now supports the three most spoken languages in the world. If Samsung is keen on continuing prioritizing support for specific languages based on their prevalence, the company should next add Hindi to its AI ecosystem before moving to Arabic or Portuguese. No new languages are expected to be supported by Bixby before early 2018, with the company possibly saving announcements of major expansions for Mobile World Congress 2018 which is starting in late February. Compatibility with Spanish may still be in beta as the South Korean tech giant has yet to officially announce it.

Owners of the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8, and other Bixby-enabled mobile offerings from Samsung can check which languages they can use to communicate with Bixby by navigating to the “Speaking Style” menu found in the “Language” section of the main settings interface of the service. The rollout of Spanish support is understood to be gradual in nature, even if Samsung is still experimenting with the feature. Bixby is expected to remain one of the key selling points of the company’s devices in 2018 and is now steadily making its way to mid-range Galaxy-branded products. Additionally, Samsung also already introduced Bixby to its Family Hub 2.0 refrigerator lineup and is said to be planning on bringing the AI assistant to various Internet of Things devices like TVs and speakers in the coming months.

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